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Today was Hell like any other sunday,monday, or tuesday!! because we all know when "THE WARDEN" (my mom) is home from work all she does is bitch bitch bitch..... but then again this day can always get better! yah know what i mean? Me and my prima went to Gilbert's "Lil Silent" house so you know what that means.... yup yup...... liz is back to her same-o self.... she's not that "ICE PRINCESS" anymore..... she's more like that "SNOW QUEEN" LMAO but anyway i'm here at skool not knowing what the fuck i am doing cause i'm all BLAHHHH! if you know what i mean...... it snowed right befor i left...... well i'm outs

  posted by Desiree @ 5:08 PM

Monday, February 25, 2002  
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